connection through the power of dance
connection through the power of dance

sylvie minot

Sylvie Minot believes that your body holds on to stories, your history, and the repetitive patterns that serve you and those that no longer serve you—and your body also holds the medicine to healing.

Sylvie Minot reads the patterns of the body and follows the energy map it provides. 

Places that are stuck or painful in the body or are simply calling for more attention.

Sylvie can help you move with and through the challenges that stand in your way, find new approaches, insight, and greater awareness into how you move your body, feel your emotions, lift your spirit, and live your life.

Let’s reclaim your full potential; recover your creativity, unearth your passions, gain confidence and a renewed connection with your body.

Sylvie Minot

Work With Sylvie

Sign up for a private session with Sylvie as the perfect way to individualize a practice to support your body and mind.

Sylvie offers a way of moving through difficult physical and emotional challenges using dance and music as the guide.

From outreach facilitator training to journeying and ancestors workshops, Sylvie’s events have something for everyone.